Sunday, September 5, 2010

Realities of life do suck sometimes. And they tend to suck you under as well.
But am not complaining. It could have been worse.
And for that I'm always thankful to Allah.

A month of sacrifice should not be enjoyed in a day.
Spread them days. Spread them love with all.
Enjoy them holidays, enjoy them dishes and enjoy them driving.

Life shouldn't be a chore.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

happy teacher's

Happy Teacher's Day to all teachers, formal and informal. Especially those who had contributed in shaping me life.

But are teachers happy?

Well, save that for another day. Am in me writer's block mode.
Stay safe y'all teech. For better or worse, your contributions are priceless.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

limit my

Reckon the country is so entrenched with subsidies that the very thought of going without scare even them ministers senseless.

I can imagine the frantic discussions being held regarding the fuel shit. And these are high level meetings attended by VVIPs. Imagine the amount of claims made by them attendees. Just to discuss whether:
To use MYKAD or permits or fuel coupons.
For one car or more cars.
To use special lanes or calibrated pumps.
For Malaysians only or permanent residents or permit holders or their non Malaysian spouses.
In other words, to segregate people.

Not unlike South Africa during apartheid.

Wouldn't it be easier to sell at market prices? If you really want to help Malaysians, use that extra to built better schools, better universities or better public infrastructures. And yes, a few cronies or hundreds could get a share of the pie. And maybe the suffering Rakyat would finally be able to enjoy First World amenities here in their own backyard. Not just when they are in Bangsar. Wouldn't that be good and wholesome.

And if the minister still insist on giving subsidies back to the Rakyat, reimburse them fairly. Not with car registration numbers as was formulated by the previous minister that led to his downfall but use that piece of plastic that identify Malaysians, the MYKAD. One claim per MYKAD holder with a car regardless how many Ferraris they have. Subsidy is a direct pecuniary aid, and AID is the keyword. Aid should be given to those who needs it and not for those who wants it. For those without cars, well, better and cheaper public transportation would be nice.

Reckon Malaysians ministers just love to complicate matters while enriching themselves, their cronies and proxies in the process. And we the majority, peace loving Rakyat must go along for the ride. Knowing that we've been had but who are we to complain. And knowing complains would do us more harm than good.

Not unlike Iraq during Saddam Hussin.

sleeping on the

Don't ask what the Company have done for you?
Ask what you have done for the Company?
I can live with that.
But I don't see you walking the talk Mister Management.
Are you not employees too?
Albeit with much fatter wages.

And don't you dare disturb me beauty sleep!

Saturday, December 5, 2009


oh it's a disgrace to see the...
human-race in a rat race, rat race...
you got the horse race...
you got the dog race...
you got the human-race...
but this is a rat race, rat race...

bob marley

And sadly I'm a part of that race. Sigh.
Am resigned to the hard fact that early retirement is not for the meek.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Life, most often than not, does not work according to plan.
We can only plan, but He's the One.
And whether we like it or not, concurrence is sometime the better option.

Drive safe.
Eat safe.
Remember those who had gone before us.
Say a little prayer for them now.
Families and friends.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

what's in it for

Datuk Abdul Halim Suleiman (BN-Puteri Wangsa) claimed that Iskandar Investment Bhd and Iskandar Regional Development Authority were mostly seen as only carrying out projects that did not provide much direct benefit to Johoreans.

"They carry out multi-million ringgit housing projects and elevated highways on roads that are not suffering from traffic jams.

"The people are likely to see such projects as have nothing to do with them. Is Iskandar Malaysia only for the rich? Where is the improved transport system?

"Where are the projects for houses that can be owned by the low-income groups?"
Yeah...where indeed. I dunno but reckon most government would have their citizens' interest as a priority. Hey ministers! You dumbasses! What's in it for us? Why should everything being built here must have Singapore and Singaporeans in the equation? By the look of it, they too are not doing too good now. And they know that they don't have that many alternatives. But hey, what did those dumbasses we vote into power do? They sell us cheap and gave them a lifeline. Before long, there'll be signs that read, No Dogs and Malaysians Allowed! That would be the day.

School children are becoming statistics while crossing roads in front of their schools. Roads that should have an overhead bridge. The government would say that it could not afford to built an overhead bridge for every school in the country. Reckon the monthly remuneration they pay all those IRDA execs could build three or ten overhead bridges for school crossings. Are the IRDA execs contributing to the well being of the nation? Or are they in fact the agents for national disaster, despite being paid handsomely by the taxpayers? And with the amount they pay to foreign advertising & marketing agents, do you see FDI coming to Iskandar in droves?

But take heart. At least, the good old Gelang Patah durian can now be called Durian Iskandar. Rotflmao...